Tarjama 2007

Fecha: 19-20 de octubre de 2007

Lugar de realización: University College Francisco Ferrer. Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies. Brussels.

Arabic has been taught in the Low Countries since the Renaissance and translating from and into Arabic has always been a key activity in the study of that language at our universities. Paradoxically, however, the didactics of Arabic as a modern communication tool on the one hand and the didactics of Arabic translation on the other hand have never developed into full-fledged academic disciplines. The purpose of this conference is to address them jointly since the teaching of Arabic is part and parcel of the Arabic translator training programme. The conference offers a forum for (re)examining established areas of knowledge as well as exploring new practice and research. Papers may be related to theory and praxis, but the core domains we wish to study are: teaching Arabic as a second/foreign language, translation studies, comparative stylistics, terminology studies, sociolinguistics and languages for special purposes.

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